Girls Swim Team Caps Off the Season With a “Splash”


Simone Gregorio, Contributing Writer

The Huntington High School’s girls swim team along with Walt Whitman High competed in a spectacular meet this Monday. Competing against Sachem East High, the final score was 91-74. 

“This season the girls came back better than ever, with new techniques and their endurance was out of this world,” 12th grader Rachel Deegan quotes.  

On the swim team this year, there are so many new girls that are a great addition to the team. Last year, the team didn’t have nearly as many girls as now. Many 7th and 8th graders joined the team from Finley Middle School. Although they are 11 and 12 year olds competing with girls that are 17 and 18, they are doing a phenomenal job keeping up with them. Senior Sydney Cordeiro competes in the 500m in almost every meet; she improves her time drastically each time.

At swim meets, all the girls from both Huntington and Whitman always cheer each other on.

“I have never seen a more supportive group of girls”, Coach Helmke says. The girls are combined with Walt Whitman and this year the girls are as close as they can be.

“On the block about to take off all I can think about is finishing, the relief of touching the wall at the end of the race is the best feeling in the world,” Senior Abby Lewis quotes.

 Despite the setback with Covid and the girls not having a proper season last year, the girls all made an effort to attend daily practices and meets each week.

 “As soon as the clipboard gets handed around saying what events we are swimming it is always such a rush,” Senior Captain Ainsley Proctor quotes.

 So far the team has won the majority of their swim meets, in their great efforts to keep winning they will continue to practice everyday until the girls season is over in November. 

Senior Grace McCallion has been injured for most of the season, but as soon as she recovered she got back in the water and is now better than ever. Great new assets to the team include Josie Sullivan,and Isabelle Gregorio- they fit perfectly into the events and will continue to strive for greatness. Junior Kathryn Montefusco and Senior Caelen Clayton have been recording times out of this world, finishing in nearly first place in every event. 

The girls’ hard work and determination will get them a win for sure against Brentwood and Connetquot High Schools.