A New Level of Bracketeering


Matthew Fallon, Contributing Writer

Recently The Ringer, a site known for sports brackets, has hosted a bracket very different from traditional sports. The bracket in question allowed individuals to vote on their favorite video game characters. While I won’t spoil much, even though most of the finalists were pretty expected, there were several surprises in the final bracket, such as 2 seed Kratos losing in the first round, and 6 seed Tony Hawk making it all the way to the semifinals. If you are interested in viewing the bracket in its entirety, I’d recommend going to their website not only to see it, but also to see how greatly it deviates from much of their other content.


See the bracket here: https://www.theringer.com/2021/2/22/22290096/best-video-game-character-bracket-intro-round-1