Business Feature: Kilwins


Credit: Talia Addeo

Talia Addeo, Contributing Writer

Kilwins of Huntington is more than just an ice cream store. Opening in April of 2013, the store is a staple of Huntington Village for almost nine years.

In store, 32 flavors of ice cream are offered year round. Some flavors are seasonal such as the Perfect Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie, the current fall favorites!  But aside from ice cream, Kilwins has much more to offer.  Almost daily you can find people busy in the kitchen making our homemade caramel, fudge, brittles, barks, caramel corn, and dipped treats.  Fudge is one of the most popular products and is something that Kilwins has become known for throughout the country.  At any given time we have 6 different fudge flavors available for customers to sample and choose from.  Our fudge along with many of our other products is cooked, paddled, and cut by hand in our front window overlooking Main Street. This serves as a sort of show and often attracts a crowd of people who enjoy watching the process behind our product.  Good customer service is one of our top priorities and we pride ourselves on the friendly, interactive atmosphere of the store. 

Kilwins as a franchise started in 1947 with Don & Katy Kilwin. Together, they purchased a bakery in Petoskey, Michigan, and developed the recipes that are still used today. Their bakery quickly became a success and it eventually expanded into the franchise that exists today.  Nowadays, there are around 146 Kilwins locations scattered throughout the country and most are independently owned and operated.  There are 5 locations in New York (Babylon, Huntington, Patchogue, Port Jefferson, and Saratoga Springs.) Consider stopping in one day!