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Shannon Kehoe

This project is a build off of last year’s project, but this year we will be adding the component of super drought. We will be adding salt to the soil to cause a more severe experience for the plants. My partner, Jasjeet Kaur, and I liked the project we had last year but wanted to further study this topic. We did well in our competition last year and want to see if we can make it farther this year. Our project is titled The Effect of Natural Carbon Materials and Malic Acid on Pisum Sativum During Drought. We will be using a natural carbon material, graphite powder, and a malic acid spray to see if they can benefit plants during drought. I will be excited if our hypothesis is correct and the additives benefitted the plant. It shows we have been on the right track the past two years and is making our data repeatable.


Shannon Kehoe Inks Letter of Intent to Canisius College

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Shannon Kehoe