Main Street Christmas Tree Lights Up the Town


Credit: Lauren Landolfi

Hannah Roberts and Lauren Landolfi

The second annual Huntington Holiday Spectacular is here, and it is even better than before. Located on Wall Street in Huntington, the winter extravaganza is characterized by the massive tree placed in the center of the Village.The tree that stands at about 80 feet tall took days to build, during which members of the Huntington High School robotics club as well as other Huntington residents donated their time and efforts.  Wall Street has since been temporarily blocked off for all vehicles, which has proven to be beneficial for the surrounding local businesses. Businesses such as Madison’s Niche, Krispy Mango, Osaka, Faz’s, and Ice Cream Chick offer special deals and treats during this time of the year, oftentimes including free hot chocolate. 

 The tree is accompanied by a large menorah with functioning “candles.” As the sun sets on each night of Hanukkah, one additional electric candle is lit on the menorah. In addition to the tree and the menorah, there are huge candy canes, light up reindeer, and lights strung all around Wall Street. The road is painted with festive snowflakes and images of Mickey Mouse. The festive decorations go hand in hand with the daily light show which runs about every five minutes, playing classic Christmas carols as well as Hanukkah songs. It is a truly festive and magical sight. 

The Holiday Spectacular runs for 5 weeks during the year. It begins on November 27th, and closes on January 2nd, 2022. It began last year during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to spread some holiday cheer in the midst of a truly devastating time. The tree and the event have become a symbol of hope, optimism and resilience for our town and it hopefully will continue to be a long standing tradition for many years to come. This event would not be able to take place without the generosity from Huntington donors such as Huntington Hospital Northwell Health, The Town of Huntington, The Huntington Business Improvement District, Huntington Business Recovery Task Force, Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce, Looks Great Services and The Paramount.