Dr. Albert Li Returns to Huntington for SNHS Presentation

Dr. Albert Li, 05, returned to his alma mater to discuss his career as an opthamologist.
Credit: Vitreoretinal Consultants

Dr. Albert Li, ’05, returned to his alma mater to discuss his career as an opthamologist. Credit: Vitreoretinal Consultants

Kianna Criscuola, Contributing Writer

Many Huntington High School students joined the Science National Honor Society for a presentation by Dr. Albert Li, Huntington’s class of 2005 Valedictorian. Students were delighted to hear of how Dr. Li’s time at Huntington compares to their own, and the fascinating experience of what it is like as an ophthalmologist. After kind words from advisor Dame Forbes, Henry Vohs introduced Dr. Li to those who attended. It was explained that after graduating from Huntington, Dr. Li attended Harvard University, and later attended medical school at New York University. Soon after, the discussion of Ophthalmology began.

Dr. Albert Li first began with what the eyes themselves can detect. He presented information about the visible light spectrum and described how light is detected by the eyes, and how pictures are sent to the brain. He presented students with images of the anatomy of the eye, and described its mechanisms to be similar to the workings of a camera. In addition, students were shown how Dr. Li undergoes certain treatments and eye tests with patients day to day.

Understanding the difference between many of these illnesses is crucial to a professional in Dr. Li’s field so he can properly treat his patients. Diseases of the eyes like Glaucoma were discussed. Glaucoma is a condition where the eye’s optic nerve is damaged due to increased pressure in the eye. Dr. Li presented students with pictures showing the comparison between normal eyesight and how someone with an eye ailment would see the same surroundings. The distinction was astonishing and initiated questions regarding his best surgeries and how a patient with those ailments would be treated in order to regain proper eyesight.

Dr. Albert Li gave a lot of interesting insight into his job of ophthalmology. He went through his slideshow giving many explanations of what he does in his job and showed many pictures that he looks at working as an ophthalmologist. Dr. Li went very in depth for each of the pictures and helped students better understand his job and what is included. As seen in his bio he specializes in many diseases and surgery such as “vitreous and retina, including diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, myopia, retinal vascular disease, retinal detachment, macular pucker, macular hole, and management of cataract complications.” Overall, Dr Albert Li went very in depth regarding his job and what he works with as an opthamologist.