Girls’ JV Soccer Kicks for Cancer

Fuente: Maria Canino

Fuente: Maria Canino

Rylee Davis, Contributing Writer

After an action packed game, the Huntington High School JV Girls Soccer team came out victorious with a score of 5 to 2 against the opposing team, William Floyd High School. The game was challenging, but proved worth it for the players. It was the team’s first win of the season and the annual “Kicks For Cancer” game which made it especially significant. The girls sported bright orange t-shirts with the title “DezyStrong” across the center, the name of a non-profit organization designed to help those battling cancer. Teacher, athlete, and founder of DezyStrong, Matthew “Dezy” Distefano recently passed away from stage 4 kidney cancer. In support of him and all those fighting cancer, the soccer team wore these shirts and played this important game. 

In an interview, Coach Maria Canino stated, “The girls went out there and truly played in honor of those who are victims to cancer. They went out there with the intention of playing for the survivors, the fighters, and those who passed.”  Other girls on the team echoed this response. 

Jessica Maixner, a sophomore and a defender for the soccer team, said, “We went out there with a mindset of not caring whether we won or lost. We were playing for an important cause and we weren’t thinking about ourselves.” Jessica believed this game helped to strengthen the bonds of the team members and allowed them to become more united. 

Also, on the team, sophomore Caroline McGreevy, explained, “I think it’s a great way to spread awareness. It motivates people to play for a bigger reason and to honor those who can’t play. The concept of playing for a bigger reason and that it didn’t matter what thescore was as long as we played our best brought a new sense of determination. My favorite part about our team is our will to never give up and the support we have for one another.”

Sophomore Julia Henderson, another player, described her love for the sport. She said, “It has been my favorite sport since I was little and I have been playing with some of the same people the whole time. Sometimes it has been hard and people have brought me down, but I always know I just really love the fun of the game. For me, I am not trying to be a professional soccer player. It is more of a hobby.” Julia is grateful for events such as “Kicks For Cancer” games because they spread awareness of cancer and provide her with an opportunity to show support. 

As the season has progressed, Coach Canino has felt that numerous members have played a large role in the team’s success, including sophomore Emi Emerson, who is the current leader in the team’s goals, defender and captain, sophomore Katherine Estrada, and goalie, freshman Ashley Alay. A common theme among the girls of the HHS JV soccer community is their love for the team. Coach Canino wrote, “This group of girls is kind hearted, caring and knows how to have each others’ backs including my own.” 

Come show your support for the team this Wednesday, October 20th at 5:30 pm. It will be an away game played against Sachem East High School! Go Blue Devils!