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  • Credit: Talia Addeo


    Business Feature: Kilwins

  • Islanders 2021: looking to build on last year’s success. 
Credit: Cory Wright, New York Islanders


    An Islanders Early Season Preview

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    Student Life

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    Student Life

    Sample Photo Gallery

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    Sample Headline

  • Comic - New Years Resolutions


    Comic – New Year’s Resolutions

  • Credit: Getty Images

    Music Review

    Call Me If You Get Lost: The Cumulative Evolution of Tyler the Creator

  • Credit: Lauren Landolfi


    Main Street Christmas Tree Lights Up the Town

  • Barcelonas Champions League Run


    Barcelona’s Champions League Run

  • Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, Little Simzs sixth studio album, is a must-listen.

    Music Review

    What Is “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert” and Who is Little Simz?

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The Dispatch

The Dispatch

Brad Nisipeanu

Brad Nisipeanu, Contributing Writer

Hello all! My name is Brad Nisipeanu and I am a 10th grader at Huntington High school. Ever since I was a child, I loved writing stories, poems, and articles about the topics I am passionate about which include but are not limited to: science, anthropology, genetics, linguistics, and music. My hobbies revolve around these interests as I play the violin for this school and last year I was in the honors orchestra, chamber orchestra, and I was the assistant concertmaster of the violin section. Also, I study linguistics, languages, and human migration and diversity in my spare time. Being an American, I learned English first, but when I got to school I chose Italian as my second language. I have been very pleased with that choice ever since as I speak at a B+ level (polyglot system of language measurement: A1 is beginner and C+ is master) and I still continue to enjoy learning it every day. Then there was a time when I dabbled for another right language which led me to studying: Inuqtitut, Arabic, Swahili, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Hawaiian. I really enjoyed each of them, but none of them seemed like the choice for me until I started to start Mandarin Chinese last summer. From then on, I have been practicing my accent, increasing my speed, and adding more vocabulary to my repertoire every day. This helped me get my 2 certificates from Peking University in this fascinating language. As of now, my grade is (the first quarter report card isn’t up) in the high 90s unweighted. This grade reflects my interest in education and learning- especially the writing portion. I am eager to join the Dispatch so that I can share my knowledge about these very captivating subjects. Some things I would like to write about are: “The Forgotten Races of America”, “The Racial Makeup of the Most Unique Countries in the World”, and “The Lesser-known Branches of English”. 

All content by Brad Nisipeanu

The Overlooked Peoples of America

Brad Nisipeanu, Contributing Writer
December 10, 2020
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