Oreo’s New Stunt!

Oreos New Stunt!

Kiara Gelbman, Editor

Once again, Oreo has released a new flavor that is the talk of the town. What is it, you may be wondering? Well, that’s the ultimate question. While this may look like a regular oreo with white filling surrounded by chocolate cookie, this definitely is not the case. From the moment the package is opened, the unique scent of the 2019 Mystery Flavor Oreos fills the air. Yes, you heard me, Mystery Flavor Oreos. With an incentive of $50,000 in prize money, each year Nabisco releases a mystery flavored oreo for the world to guess. This year there are clues posted online to help solve the mystery.

With three full packs of Oreos, I set out across the school asking students and teachers what they think the mystery flavor oreo is. The most common answer is graham cracker which was voted by eighteen people. The next most popular answer is cinnamon, followed by churro. Some of the other guesses included snickerdoodle, airplane cookies, eggnog, cinnamon bun, gingerbread, honey, cinnamon toast crunch, pumpkin, smores, and french toast. 

After learning these thoughts on the taste and smell, I made my way to the two clues that were posted online. The first was, “Its name it stole and history kept. Perhaps from a creature that lived on the steppe?” followed by “often paired with chocolate, hence why we chose it. We’ll keep the suspense ‘til everyone knows it.” Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I think I know the flavor, do you? Stay posted in the next issue for the results. 

(Feel free to find me in the halls and tell me your guesses!)