Science Honor Society Inducts 63 New Members

Science Honor Society Inducts 63 New Members

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Huntington High School’s chapter of the National Science Honor Society inducted 63 new members during a virtual ceremony on Thursday night.

The chapter’s executive board is led by Rebecca Hoffmann, (president), Kianna Criscuola (vice president), Emily Plachta (treasurer), Sophia Marchetta (recording secretary), Erin Ye (fundraising coordinator) and Carrie Kilgour (financial secretary). Teacher Dame Forbes is the organization’s faculty advisor.

The new inductees include Cristian Avelar-Romero, Madelyn Bavaro, Matthew Beasley, Sarah Berry, Katie Browne, Jake Burton, Teddi Carnesi, Cassidy Casabona, Jazlyn Chapas-Oliva, Charlotte Cheshire, Johnny Chirico, Caelan Clayton, Lucas Cirlincione, Grace Colavecchio, Adora Colay, Morgan Colleluori, Olivia Conte, Alec Cordeiro, Sydney Cordeiro, Rachel Deegan, Nicolas DiPietro, Emily Geller, Charlie Girimonti, Kemberlin Hernandez-Veliz, Brianna Isaza, Alexis Kaloudis and Jasjeet Kaur.

Shannon Kehoe, Paul Knieriem, Jack Kurathowski, Ally Kustera, Matthew Lange, Mackenzie Madison, Christopher Maichin, Victoria Mangan, John Marziliano, Grace McCallion, Ethan McGuinness, Andrew McKenzie, Carolina Moreira, Caitlin Murtagh, Ella Naima, Margo Nitekman, Lucas Petrizzi, Tallulah Pitti, Ryan Porzio, Ainsley Proctor, Allison Quinn, Gracie Renkewitz, Nathan Ribando, Emily Roberts, Hannah Roberts, Mary Grace Rorke, Chloe Schiman, Abigail Simon, Robbie Smith, Henry Stein, Julia Steinberg, Teddy Tiliakos, Felipe Villanueva, Henry Vohs, Will Weber and Richard Zboray were also inducted on Thursday evening.

The chapter’s annual induction ceremony traditionally includes a scientific theme as a way for the new inductees to introduce themselves. This year’s theme is marine animals. Each of the teenagers chose a marine animal, explained some of its characteristics along with a description of why they chose it and what they expect to contribute the Science Honor Society over the course of the school year.

Speakers at the ceremony included Principal Brenden Cusack, Mrs. Forbes and Ms. Hoffmann along with each of the new inductees.

The Science National Honor Society was organized in 2000 with the following objectives:

  • To encourage and recognize scientific and intellectual thought.
  • To advance students’ knowledge of classical and modern science.
  • To communicate with the scientific community.
  • To aid the civic community with its comprehension of science.
  • To encourage students to participate in community service and in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all of mankind.

The motto inscribed in Latin on the Science National Honor Society shield translates to “Fortunate is one who understands the causes of things.” Each chapter of the organization is required to pursue at least one project each school year.

Candidates for membership must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be in the junior or senior year of high school. (freshmen and sophomores are ineligible)
  • Must have taken at least an honors level science course in the previous year.
  • A candidate or member must be enrolled in at least an honors level or higher full year science level course in their junior year and at least one upper level full year science class during their senior year. If a second year honors or upper level science course is not offered, then the student must be enrolled in a second first year honors or upper level science class (Therefore, senior year, Regents Physics will be accepted; no elective classes will be accepted for admittance)
  • Must have a weighted overall academic grade average of 85 percent or higher and a minimum average of 92 percent in science courses.

Inducted members must attend a minimum of 75 percent of meetings and participate in at least two sustained, ongoing chapter activities during a calendar year that are above and beyond the science classroom experience.


Cristian Avelar-Romero

Madelyn Bavaro

Matt Beasley

Sarah Berry

Katie Browne

Jake Burton

Theadora Carnesi

Cassidy Casabona

Jazlyn Chapas-Oliva

Charlotte Cheshire

Johnny Chirico

Lucas Cirlincione

Caelan Clayton

Grace Colavecchio

Adora Colay

Morgan Colleluori

Olivia Conte

Alec Cordeiro

Rachel Deegan

Sydney Cordeiro

Nicolas DiPietro

Emily Geller

Charlie Girimonti

Kemberlin Hernandez-Veliz

Brianna Isaza

Alexis Kaloudis

Jasjeet Kaur

Shannon Kehoe

Paul Knieriem

Jack Kurathowski

Ally Kustera

Matthew Lange

Mackenzie Madison

Christopher Maichin

Victoria Mangan

John Marziliano

Grace McCallion

Ethan McGuinness

Andrew McKenzie

Carolina Moreira

Caitlin Murtagh

Ella Naima

Margo Nitekman

Lucas Petrizzi

Tallulah Pitti

Ryan Porzio

Ainsley Proctor

Allison Quinn

Gracie Renkewitz

Nathan Ribando

Emily Roberts

Hannah Roberts

Mary Grace Rorke

Chloe Schiman

Abigail Simon

Robbie Smith

Henry Stein

Julia Steinberg

Teddy Tiliakos

Felipe Villanueva

Walter (Henry) Vohs

Will Weber

Richard Zboray