2020 Presidential Election Results: What Lies Ahead?


Matthew Colavecchio, Contributing Writer

This is the current electoral map in America according to the Associated Press.  The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the number of mail-in ballots this election, meaning that millions of ballots are not being counted until after election night, which was November 3rd. This has caused lots of unrest and anxiety among supporters of both candidates. So where do they stand?

The number of electoral votes needed to win the presidency is 270. Currently, Joe Biden has 264, while Donald Trump has 214. This does not necessarily mean Trump is behind. As shown on the map, the lightly colored red and blue states are favored towards that candidate. Trump is currently favored to win Alaska, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Biden is favored to win Nevada. Although this may seem like Trump would win, Nevada has 6 electoral votes. Combine those with Joe Biden’s current 264 electoral votes and you get 270, which would make Joe Biden the presidential elect.

This does not tell the whole story, though. Biden is leading in Nevada, but only by about 8,000 votes, a very small margin. If Trump takes this state, Biden will have to take either Georgia, North Carolina, or Pennsylvania. Although it would be difficult for Biden to flip these states, it is possible, since the majority of early and mail in votes, which are being counted more so later than in person votes, tend to lean towards Biden. Overall, this is a very close race, and may come down to only a couple thousand votes in one state.