Teacher Feature: Mr. Kulich

Teacher Feature: Mr. Kulich

Kiara Gelbman, Editor

If you go to Huntington High School, you definitely know Mr. Kulich. After graduating SUNY Plattsburgh in 2019, Mr. Kulich has returned to his hometown as substitute teacher here, at Huntington High School. You might be wondering what I mean by his hometown. Mr. Kulich was a graduate of the Walt Whitman class of 2014. Knowing the rivalry between the two Huntington schools, Kulich said, “Some people could care less while some people tell me they hate me because I went to Whitman.”

During his time in high school, Kulich was a member of the volleyball and badminton teams. He also was a member of the Boy Scouts. “It was a new group of people to meet who had similar interests to my own like being outside,” described Kulich. It was from Boy Scouts that Kulich discovered his love of teaching others after teaching younger scouts in his troop new skills. “I realized that I like being in front of people and helping them learn new skills,” told Kulich, pushing him in the direction of education when he went into college. During this time he acquired a Bachelor’s degree in history and a masters in adolescent education.

I love having him as my teacher because he’s a bubbly, genuine guy.

— Francesca Stamatatos

This year, Kulich has stepped into the classrooms of Huntington High School, where he is loved by the students. “He’s a young teacher who brings a different vibe into the classroom,” said Senior Nick Thompson. “I try to be real with them and learn their names,” said Kulich regarding his connection with students. Schoolwide, students get excited when they see him enter the room or just passing in the halls. “I love having him as my teacher because he’s a bubbly, genuine guy,” said Sophomore Francesca Stamatatos.

For those of you who have not had Mr. Kulich as a substitute, “be ready to get [your] work done and have a good rest of the period,” he said. Be sure to keep an eye out for him.