Ms. Peña

Ms. Peña

Leyda Ponce, Contributing Writer

The role of teacher may seem like an easy task for some. However, teachers have to find a way to keep the class motivated and, think like their students to help them. Nineteen years ago, Miss Peña began teaching Spanish, the program of ENL, HLA and AP at Huntington High School  Despite her long years working at Huntington High School she has charisma, passion for what she does and wants to take HLA students to a higher level. 

Mrs. Peña is a teacher known for the support she provides for her students. She is a teacher willing to give her all for her students. She works in a fun and educational way since nineteen years ago with her students. During the classes she motivates them in different ways such as giving background information before presenting the lesson, using graphic organizers, preparing lessons in google classroom, and reading audios so that they have knowledge of what they are going to study and have ease in learning . Mrs. Peña said, “I like that there are leaders inside the classroom so they can help in classes. I like that the students can play the role of teacher. That leaders may be involved in the role of guiding their partner according to studies.”

I like that there are leaders inside the classroom so they can help in classes. I like that the students can play the role of teacher.

— Mrs. Peña

Doing what you like is important and. Mrs. Peña is a teacher who loves what she does.  She strives to teach and motivate students in any situation. Senior Patricia Campos said, “Mrs. Peña is a teacher who has a lot to give to the students, and we can find in her a person to trust. She is a very charismatic teacher who tries to raise our spirits every day, catching our attention with her dances and more.” 

Many of the HLA students have had interrupted education. For example, some have only advanced to 2nd and 3rd grade levels. Others have had to work to help their families, and have not been able to go to school continuously. Different cases are looked at where many young people did not have the education that is required, because of the economic situation in the countries. Mrs. Peña takes into account the different cases that students present and offers help to students according to academic level. 

Miss Cedillo said, “I’ve know miss pena since i was my brother’s teacher. 

We saw them again when I was doing the teacher practices, she is a very positive nice person and always tries to see the good side of things, a very calm person and has a very good soul. As a co-worker, she is a teacher who I think nobody has anything bad to say about her, and is always trying to give some kind of advice to anyone who needs it. ”

In the ENL program, Mrs. Peña has new students weekly. The students do not have continuity with the studies, they are not up to date with the classes. It is sad to know that some did not have the opportunity offered here, because they did not have the necessary resources. Mrs. Peña said, “Some students have told me that when a teacher did not arrive automatically they did not have classes. And the cleaning was up to them, which corresponds to the janitors here.” Despite everything, Mrs. Peña always tries to find a way to help the students so they can reach their full potentials.