Crazy For You Announced as the Drama Club’s Next Production


Darin Reed

Last year’s spring musical production of Thoroughly Modern Millie was hugely successful and talked about. Will this year’s choice meet or surpass our expectations?

Erin Ye, Contributing Writer

The Huntington High School morning announcements have garnered themselves an impressive amount of attention this year, with the student government bringing energy and enthusiasm to third period. Today, along with the daily weather report and the “fitness or sports day” announcements, the new spring musical was announced, and it is Crazy For You!

Word had gotten around that earlier musical proposals had been vetoed by the school district. Controversy from last year’s Thoroughly Modern Millie have sparked rumors, but it could very well be something as dull as a copyright issue, which has often happened in the past. Regardless, the new musical was announced over the PA system by Natalie Ciccone, and it has the school abuzz.

In the recent past, the Huntington High School drama club, pit orchestra, and stage crew have put on amazing productions of Thoroughly Modern Millie, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and the Princess and the Pea. Additionally, for the first time this year, a student-directed production of Songs for a New World will be hitting the auditorium stage. Theatre-goers and production participants alike were anxious to find out what the next show will be, but there is no doubt that Crazy For You will be a hit.

What are your thoughts on the school musical choice? Auditions will be held the week of January 27th, and students are excited to begin working tirelessly until opening night.