Fashion Inclusivity; Why there should be more of it


A photo of Tanya Taylor sitting on a counter in one of her stores.

Aislyn Franciscovich, Contributing Writer

More stores are beginning to introduce plus-sized and petite collections for their various consumers. One brand that has started to take steps towards a more inclusive line is Tanya Taylor. They use their social media outlets to see what would be in the highest demand from their customers. This was a smart option because it’s still size inclusive without creating clothing that would waste their resources ex; things that wouldn’t sell. In the US, around 68% of women are a size 14 or above. Although this is the majority of our population, plus sized lines are still hard to come by in the fashion world. The problem isn’t the cost as creation of a plus sized garment versus a smaller size only costs an additional 15 to 20 cents. A tip from the Tanya Taylor to other brands is that they shouldn’t raise the prices on these plus sized garments because it is unfair to the consumers. These are some of the reasons why brands should increase their size range.

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