Camila Cabello’s “Romance” Album Review


Alexandra Kustera, Contributing Writer

They say romance is dead. Is it? No, I’m not talking about keeping snap streaks. The broad spectrum of romance can involve so many different emotions. Weather it’s an instant connection that’s indescribable or a bad case of unrequited love, Camila Cabello goes through every possible feeling in her new album, “Romance.” Here are some of my favorite songs from the album:

“Shameless”- Ever been confused about someone? We’ve all been there. In this song, Camila admits her confusion but settles on the fact that she really wants this person. She lets go of suppressing her feelings and decides to go for it. Wow Camila, easier said than done. “Right now I’m shameless, screaming my lungs out for you. Not afraid to face it. I need you more than I want to,” she sings while grappling with uncontrollable emotions and having seemingly run off the rails of love.

“Living Proof”- Camila exclaims that she’s living proof anyone can find love. So listen to her! Be like her and call or text that person! 

“Should’ve said it”- Timing is everything. She really lays down the law in this song exclaiming, “So you want me now, that’s funny/cuz you didn’t want me back then.” Need another track to replace Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts,” consider making this your new anthem.

“Easy”- Warning: This song will make your heart melt! “Always thought I was hard to love till you made it seem so easy” is the hook of the main chorus. Yes, I know your heart is already exploding. Camila remarks on being unconditionally loved by someone else no matter your flaws and insecurities. 

“Liar”- Latin roots and a sick syncopation shine throughout this piece. “I don’t care if you’re here or if you’re not alone/oh no there you go, making me a liar,” Camila parodies herself on the fact that she has feelings for someone but is too scared to admit it. Pretty sure she just called all of us out on that one.

“Dream of You”- Showcasing her incredible vocal talents, Camila does not disappoint on this track. This song sounds like it’s straight out of a dream, proving how Camila is clearly in love. Her lyrics are personal, “All I do the whole night through is dream of you/ so could you stay with me/ talking about nothing.” Somehow it manages to be so uplifting yet there’s a sense of incompletion as if she hasn’t quite found this love yet.

“Cry for Me”- Ah, good old unrequited love. With ruthless guitar riffs and amazing beats, “Cry for Me” shines on this album. “When I’m lying wide awake you’re probably sleeping/I want you to cry for me,” Camila sings, hitting a homerun with incredible lyrics. Whether you’re raging, angry or feel like singing really loud and annoying your neighbors, turn on this jam. 

“Used to This”- In describing the opposite of being friend-zoned, Camila paints a vivid picture of what her relationship is like after being friends for so long. She ponders how different she views the world after falling in love. “It’s gonna take me a minute but I could get used to this/I’ll say your name/Doesn’t it sound different,” she sings. The use of traffic sounds in the beginning with a transition to mellow synths sets the perfect scene for this heart-warming story.

The Verdict: “Romance” is an absolute emotional rollercoaster. It’s comparable to walking through an art exhibit, with each song being masterpieces in their own way. There’s a track for every emotion out there. Heartbreak, regret, admiration, affection, and more is all wrapped up in one album. Camila turned it up a notch for her sophomore album, getting more deeper and personal with her lyrics. No matter who you are, there’s something everyone can relate to on this album.