Robotics Fundraiser a Success!


Huntington Robotics’ official team logo.

Luke Rinaldi, Contributing Writer

On Tuesday, November 12th, Huntington Robotics held its annual fundraising event at Launchpad in Huntington Village. As per usual, support for the event was overwhelming as there was an expansive list of attendees. The team was able to rake in a whopping $10,000 at the fundraiser, all of which will be used to cover the various expenses of robot building. Such a phenomenal turnout prompted optimistic thoughts regarding the upcoming competitive season and significantly raised the team morale.

Huntington Robotics’ leadership team giving a presentation at the fundraiser.

Speaking of the upcoming season, Robotics hopes to do very well this year. However, this is more than just hope, the team believes they can perform well. They have cited past successes and the return of a promising group of students as motivators for the team, helping them to give their all for the competition season. Despite this, there is no precise way to predict how well the team will do, as this year’s game (objective) has yet to be revealed. Nevertheless, one thing is for certain, Huntington’s Robotics team is incredibly grateful for the unparalleled generosity of their sponsors and donors that were exhibited at the team’s fundraiser.