Next on Netflix Friday Night: “Mi Amigo Alexis”

Movie poster for the Netflix movie, Mi Amigo Alexis.

Movie poster for the Netflix movie, “Mi Amigo Alexis.”

Kiara Gelbman, Editor

Everyone’s heard the classic stories of a parent who strives to live vicariously through their child. However, Mi Amigo, Alexis puts a unique twist on this long told tale. Written by Alejando Fernandez Almendras, this heartfelt coming-of-age story describes the life lessons learned by a young boy.

Told using two points of view, Mi Amigo, Alexis follows the life of Tito, a twelve year old boy while occasionally switching to the perspective of Alexis Sanchez, a famous soccer player. Although he loves to learn, Tito’s father pulls him out of school to fuel his own aspirations for his son, being a professional soccer player. After running away from his father at a practice, Tito ends up in the back of Alexis’ car leading to the start of their relationship. Together, they will overcome the struggles of Tito’s life while learning important life values. 

Acting in his first movie, Luciano Gonzalez accurately portrayed the trials and tribulations of a young boy’s life. His use of emotions allows the viewer to feel as if Gonzalez is a part of the movie. As a soccer player for the Chilean National Soccer Team, Alexis Sanchez’s acting skills are subpar. Nevertheless, the audience will fall in love with the good hearted nature of his character. On the other hand, Daniel Munoz who plays Hector embodies his character and causes the reader to feel hatred towards his character. 

While lots of background was given to the beginning to the story, the end of the plot did not have much time to develop and only gives the audience a taste of what is to come. In some movies, this may be a strategic move. I feel this is not appropriate as it is a coming of age story. I would have liked to learn more about Gloria (Ignacia Uribe), Tito’s sister who was a passionate soccer player. The choice of actors was superb as Alexis Sanchez, a famous soccer player, was cast. Additionally, the use of setting as well as the camera shots of the locations cause the viewer to feel as if they are in Chile. 

The message of this story promotes that of family and working hard for your passions. Hector, Tito’s father, pulled his son out of school to play soccer so he could live vicariously through his son. However, Tito did not have a passion for soccer like his father, emphasizing the idea of letting your children choose their own destiny and work hard for what they believe in. I feel others will feel the same way as the general theme is relatable to the general population. 

Even though this movie is rated PG, it is a family film that can be loved by all. While children may love the soccer and athletic nature of the film, adults will love the message that they may relate to. I do not recommend it to those looking for a comedic or action film but to those seeking an all around, heartfelt story.