The Huntington Varsity Boys Blue Devils Soccer Team’s First Ever Homecoming Game Results in a Hard-Fought 1-0 Victory Over a Strong Centereach Side.

Senior Goalkeeper Cole Pillion

Senior Goalkeeper Cole Pillion

Nick Thompson, Staff Writer

Huntington Boys Soccer had never had a Homecoming game before, but after this one there will surely be another. After opening the season with two victories in three games, the Blue Devils prevailed further this past Saturday.

The game started quickly. Huntington was quickly on the front foot after peppering shots for the first 10 minutes. Starting Senior strikers, Jason Garay and Manny Reyes, were important factors as their speed made it difficult for Centereach to bring the ball out of the back. However, at the heart of the Huntington team, was Senior Captain, Brian Contreras.

“We were very hard working, we just need to tune some things up… we were very in sync with each other,” said Contreras. You’ll find this captain is one of the most humble around. When asked about the feeling of scoring a winning goal, Contreras said, “It always feels good to score the winning goal, but it wasn’t my effort, it was an effort by other teammates.” His penalty in the first half sealed the deal for the Blue Devils.

The game could not have been won without Huntington’s rock solid Senior Goalkeeper, Cole Pillion. The prominent keeper tallied a total of eight saves, with the biggest being the 15th minute after denying Centereach a promising one-on-one  opportunity. 

Fourteen-year coach, Jason Suarez, described Pillion perfectly. “He’s a beast,” said Suarez, “ He’s made some huge saves that have kept us in big games this year.” The rest of the team surely agrees; Pillion has racked up 34 saves already this season.

Since the seasons start, Huntington has played well. They have talent in every position along with depth on the bench. Most importantly, the boys have fun. They can make any bad situation into a promising one. The sky’s the limit for these Blue Devils.