Artist Spotlight: Jeffrro


Huntington senior Jeffrey Ochoa Alvarez is an up and coming young rapper. Credit: Jeffrey Ochoa Alvarez

Matt Colavecchio, Contributing Writer

The level of music accessibility has increased over the last several decades. Between Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, the overall existence of smartphones has made music accessible almost anywhere. This results in the fame of many young and rising rappers, including A boogie wit da hoodie, Roddy Rich, NBA Youngboy and more. Along with these talented young rappers is Huntington High School’s own Jeffrey Ochoa Alvarez.

Mr. Ochoa has his own SoundCloud page with songs he has produced. “It was a project I had to do freshman year. I had an option to write a song relating to a topic of Greek mythology, so I did. I found it to be a lot of fun. As a result, when I progressed through high school, I found out that I really enjoy stories and that eventually converted into music”. He writes about issues that are close to him. “My music is about personal topics: my experiences with love, poverty, discrimination, unstable friendships, personal doubts, and pivotal moments in my life. In other words, I write a lot about what means something to me and to other people”.

Recently, Mr. Ochoa released an album titled 3:02 am. They include songs Intro, 3:02 am, and A Woman. He also has other tracks that are not part of an album, including songs friends and xi. He also has a song on Spotify called toxic, which is on Spotify. His name on Spotify is Jeffrro.

Jeffrey has been doing this for multiple years, the majority of his high school career. Through his experience, he has advice for people just starting out. “Don’t try to [fit] into trends. Do what you think sounds good and you’ll always feel happy in your heart”. He added specifics to doing this as well. “Make songs that are experimental so you can learn your true style, then in hone that craft. Take every song you release as a lesson. Your audience will come along eventually”.

All in all, Jeffrey Ocho Alvarez is a talented up and coming music producer. If you would like to check out some of his work, click the link to go to his SoundCloud page.