The Scoop on 2021’s “Midterm’s Week”

The week of January 25-January 29th is operating on a special schedule for Huntington High School students. Credit:

Erin Ye, Editor

With the second quarter ending on Friday, January 29th, there’s one thing (aside from the obvious hybrid learning model) separating January of 2021 from previous years: the lack of a midterms week. 

Usually, the last week of Huntington’s second quarter involves students coming into school to take their three-hour mid-year exams, either from 8-11 or 12-2, and then returning home to study for the next test. However, with the current pandemic and the logistics of having to coordinate with different cohorts as well as all-remote students, a midterms week did not seem feasible or advisable this year. Teachers were informed that sit-down midterm exams would not be given, but that they were still able to issue in-class exams if they so chose. 

That said, it seemed unfair to hold a regular full week of school. In the past, midterms week has been both a time for students to enjoy more freedom and rest outside of taking exams and a time for teachers to catch up on last-minute grading. As a result, last week, administrators announced a new schedule for the week of January 25th.

While Monday and Tuesday will be regularly scheduled school days, with Cohorts 3&4 in school on Monday and Cohorts 1&2 in school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week will be “special remote days.” Basically, they’re snow days without snow.

 Students will be assigned asynchronous work throughout the day and teachers will be available for office hours according to their scheduled time blocks. Friday will once again be a normal school day, with Cohorts 3&4 attending in person.

This is the asynchronous office hours schedule for Wednesday, January 27th and Thursday, January 28th.

Also on Friday is a seniors-only virtual field trip to LIU Post. Seniors who are signed up for the trip are to stay home to attend the live sessions.

Overall, this year’s “midterms week” is completely different from those of past years, but ultimately, it serves the same purpose. The allotted asynchronous days will provide students with time to recharge and reset before the third quarter and will also give teachers the time they need to finish up on last minute grading. As this will hopefully be the first and last time we ever see a midterms week like this one, enjoy your days (somewhat) off and get ready to enter the third quarter with a fresh start.