Titan – Virtual Enterprise


Titans Officers

Titan isn’t a household name just yet, but give the Huntington High School Virtual Enterprise course company a little bit of time, it just might be.

“Titan offers a multi-functional backpack that is also environmentally friendly,” according to a promotional description of the company’s product. “It has multiple features in it such as a flashlight, internal lighting, a safety whistle, a waterproof exterior and much more.”

Titan’s executive team includes Abigail Holmes (chief executive officer), Chris Mavrogian (chief operating officer), Raul Orozco (Chief Administrative Officer), Nate Deegan (vice president of marketing), Jack Monahan (chief financial officer), Samir Rathore (vice president of design and IT) and Bianca Lella (vice president of human resources).

“Every day Titan employees continue to impress me with their work ethic, enthusiasm and commitment to the company,” Ms. Holmes said. Titan is a force to be reckoned with and I expect great things from our firm.”

Virtual Enterprise is a simulated business that is developed and operated by students to prepare them for the business world. The full-year one credit course features such events as competitive trade shows and business summits, where students vie against other firms created by high school students from across the world.

“I am beyond proud of how hard everyone is working under tight deadlines,” Mr. Mavrogian said. “This is truly an amazing team.”

The Virtual Enterprise class that created Titan is being guided by high school business teacher Paige Furman. Class members are working very hard to make the company a success.

“I truly couldn’t ask for a better team to work with,” Mr. Deegan said. “I’m very grateful for all the talent everyone has and how much time after school hours that they put into this class. I’m certain that we’ll do wonderful things as the year goes on.”

“Our marketing department has established a strong social media presence for our company and is currently developing our business plan,””

— Ms. Holmes

The Huntington High School course bulletin states, “This is a challenging, collaborative, hands-on, real-world class for future entrepreneurs and those interested in the business world.”

The Titan team is happy with how year unfolded to date and they are appreciative of everything their teacher has done and going to do for the group.

“Mrs. Furman is the most supportive mentor our team could ask for,” Ms. Holmes said. “Her teaching style provides the perfect balance of guidance and independence, enabling us to gain entrepreneurial skills through working out problems on our own.”

Participants in the Virtual Enterprise course learn about all the factors that impact business operations in a free enterprise system.

“Our accounting team led by Chief Financial Officer Jack Monahan has worked especially hard pricing our bags and making strides with our sales,” Ms. Holmes said. “Vice President of Design/IT Samir Rathore along with manager David Marroquin Lopez have been working non-stop on our branding, graphics and bag design with their team since day one. Vice President of Human Resources Bianca Lella and her team have done a wonderful job with our event planning and internal relations. Titan would not have the same morale without our lovely HR group.”

Titan is beginning to hit its full stride. “Our marketing department has established a strong social media presence for our company and is currently developing our business plan,” Ms. Holmes said. “Vice President of Marketing Nathaniel Deegan and manager Jonathan Koumas keep our firm looking polished to the public.

Titan will participate in the East End networking luncheon on December 19 at East Wind Caterers in Wading River. Participants will deliver company sales pitches, network with other firms and converse with mentors and business partners.

“Titan’s efficiency would not be possible without my right-hand men: Chief Operating Officer Christopher Mavrogian and Chief Acting Officer Raul Orozco, whose administrative skills, time management and ability to put big ideas into fruition make our company shine.”

The greater Titan company team also includes members Catherine Arevalo, Eduardo Consuegra-Linares, Alex Facilla, Maddy Meidenman, Ryan Miller, Sara Modaresizadeh, Chelsea Munoz, Joseph Rocca, Patrick Sclafani, Omari Stephen, Jason Verville and Chaohan Yang.

Titan can be found on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/titan.ve/) and at its website (http://titanve.net/).

“Maddy Meidenman, our social media coordinator has really stepped up our online presence,” Ms. Holmes said. “Maddy is willing to help our company in any way possible and puts in hours inside and outside of the classroom.”