Reevaluate No Homework Days

Reevaluate No Homework Days

Kiara Gelbman and Francesca Stamatatos

This past school year, Huntington High School initiated a no homework policy on the first Wednesday of every month. However, more must be done to solve the nationwide homework epidemic. 

“We saw an increased stress level over time from students, not just here but as a nationwide thing,” said Principal Brenden Cusack regarding why they decided to initiate the new homework policy. Currently, the first Wednesday of every month (with some exceptions) is deemed a “No Homework Day.” While this is a good message, there is more to be done. 

With this policy in place since the end of last year, students are beginning to feel its effects. “When im taking APs I think its a [Stress] reliever . . .” said Senior Billy Burton when asked his thoughts on the no homework policy. However, “some teachers work around it,” said Sophomore Shannon Kehoe to describe the way teachers will assign work on Tuesday, in advance of the “No Homework Day” or give more work on Thursday. 

English teacher, Kristina Morrell feels that, “It helps [the students] catch up on some of the work that they are falling behind on that day if they use it to their advantage to get them all caught up.”  

With the pros of decreasing student stress levels but negatives like increased homework on other nights, we must continue to change this policy. One change that Cusack is looking to make is for “. . . local community businesses [to support] our no homework nights with coupons and things like that,” he said. However, more must be done. 

For the students to reap the full benefits of this policy, teachers must fully abide by the rules of this system. There should be a repercussion for teachers that assign homework on the days for students to rest or catch up on work. Additionally, reducing the amount of homework should be added to the schedule to further help students extracurricular life and stress levels.